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miercuri, 29 aprilie 2020

Alifie & Affiliate

In viata e greu cand nu ai pe unde sa scoti camasa. Pe vremuri exista o vorba printre romani, aia cu Ce face romanu' cand nu are bani?! Mai schimba 100 de dolari. Nu prea mai tine treaba cu dolari ca s-au subtiat pungile si trebuie sa gasim alte surse de finantare.

luni, 26 august 2019 - Build a Better Brand!

Put Your Logo To Work
Use For The Future
Want to catapult your business to the next level? Build a better brand with professional branding experts. Fiverr is the perfect place for you to get all your branding projects done on time and on budget. Just find a professional, set your deadline, and cross a to-do off your list! Here are some branding projects every business needs done.

A strong brand is a memorable brand. To be memorable you have to use the same brand message on everything you do: your logo, social media, and mobile app.
Logo Design
Attention-Grabbing Logos
Your customers see thousands of logos every day. You need a logo that cuts through the noise and brings them to your door. Good logos should be simple, memorable, timeless, and most importantly, made on Fiverr. It’s time for yours to shine.
Social Media Design
Social Media Design
Don’t settle for a few “likes” on social media. Create a profile that demands attention. With today’s social media platforms, you can customize your social media design to reflect who you are. Ban the social media bland!
Web Design
Web & Mobile Design
Your website is the home of your online presence. Create a website that keeps users coming back for more. Catch your customer’s attention with a website that is easy to use, engaging, and most of all on brand!
So, what are you waiting for? Fiverr has everything you need to build a better brand.
Learn more about how to build and grow your business with
Fiverr Business Guides

luni, 8 aprilie 2019

How To Move Toward Becoming #1 When You Sell On The Web

Electronic publicizing, generally called progressed displaying, is the path toward propelling a business or brand and its things or organizations over the Web, using mechanical assemblies that help increase development, leads, or changes.

Standard publicizing bases on pushing messages to the buyer to rouse him to buy. Regardless, this technique is obstructive and interfering. Customers have been exhausted on being blasted with promotions for things or organizations that they are not so much excited about. There are organizations where traditional fittings can even now pass on, anyway Web customers can without a lot of a stretch disregard promotions they are not interested by.

Associations and displaying people need to find an altered method to manage the present buyer needs. In addition, electronic promoting workplaces just do! Advance brands and associations by conveying content that rouses, handles an issue or takes in the planned intrigue gathering. Using electronic displaying mechanical assemblies, buyers find this substance on the web without being constrained to accomplish it.

Furthermore, if they consider accommodating and significant substance, the business or brand being alluded to has simply to get.

Purchasers can share that substance, buy the things or organizations they offer, and addition trust in the business or brand.

This makes a brand/business-to-buyer affiliation that can incite leads or future changes regularly. Most of this is happening with the purpose behind offering an impetus to the customer.

A champion among the most basic points of interest of using on the web channels to propel a business or thing is the ability to measure the suitability of each direct and likewise how visitors come in through these channels to your site. Meanwhile, we can separate visitors who have advanced toward getting to be clients and which channels have been increasingly compelling.

An electronic exhibiting office can perform page separates or flexible applications to recognize the going with:

  • What class of customers has developed a more grounded relationship with the brand and which of them can return.
  • Which online channels are the most monetarily sharp, considering the change rate and the cost to get a change.
  • Which online redirects are all the more convincing in pulling in the most enduring customer.

The progression of development has chosen the proximity between the two portions of correspondence: on the web or separated. The disengaged closeness does not change over into a complex online method. Any made or sound correspondence suggests messages from the online condition, as is common for a settled correspondence strategy. In this sense, we mean, in fact, consolidated correspondence.

miercuri, 30 iulie 2014

Nokia Asha 200 - dual SIM


Nokia Asha 200 - dual SIM

  Telefon Mobil NOKIA Asha 200, TFT 2.4", 2MP, 10MB, Dual SIM (Negru)


Il pot preda personal si in Brasov sau Craiova, pentru ca ajung des in aceste doua orase.  

190 lei


luni, 28 iulie 2014

Espressor cafea ZELMER 13Z018

Espressor cafea ZELMER 13Z018

  Espresso Zelmer 13Z018 18 Bar Display LCD 1300W

Nou, Nefolosit. Usor Negociabil.  

520 lei